The fox wedge is a joint designed to be ageless and unyielding, yet elegant in its mechanical strength.

At Fox Wedge Furniture, we believe we have the responsibility as craftspeople to create enduring and handsome pieces with integrity from design to final finishing. Our designers and builders collaborate on the shop floor to create pieces that age well and prioritize function over frippery, carefully selecting the best material and joinery to enhance the inherent beauty of wood in all its varied hues and textures.

Our Process

Each of our products start the same way: identifying the points where modern furniture fails.

The chair that just doesn’t sit right, or the table leg which somehow intrudes no matter where you sit; the debris of dowel-and-pressed fiberboard construction strewn about the back of the truck on moving day. We take pride in creating functional, solid, and beautiful furniture to be enjoyed for a lifetime.

The first step in creation is nailing down the basic dimensions and style of the piece, then driving the design through the construction method.

Construction and joinery can be dictated by many factors: the size of the material, the placement of a joint on the piece itself, the direction of applied force, and tolerance for wood’s natural movement.

The most important step in our process is walking through the design with our builders in the shop.

Their unique mechanical perspective guides the creative thrust of the design team to create a cohesive product that is intuitive, structurally sound, and uniquely gorgeous.

Our builders take the plans and select the best material from our racks of solid hardwood and sheet goods,

milling the stock down to rough dimensions or cutting parts out on one of our CNC routers. Precision during this step is key to ensure a snug fit for long-lasting pieces. 

As the rough stock approaches final sizing, great care is taken to ensure accurate measuring and joining.

Once the basic form is dry-fitted, any additional touch-ups are performed before gluing and assembling. After the glue has dried, every joint is inspected for glue squeeze out and cleaned up.

 We believe that highlighting the natural quality of wood is a great privilege when creating pieces and that covering it up with stains and heavy finishes would be a disservice.

We use naturally derived oils and wax finishes from OSMO, who has over 140 years experience in the wood working industry and strives to create the safest and lowest VOC finishes ever made. Our finish process ensures a smooth and natural feel that deepens the grain texture and looks beautiful. Because it’s naturally derived and non toxic, it’s totally food safe. It is also easily touched up when the inevitable scratch or dent happens. 

Upon final inspection, the finished piece is safely packed and ready to go to its new home.

Wood provides warmth and character in our homes and gathering spaces, and the natural tones and organic shapes of the grain have drawn us in for centuries. Your home is one-of-a-kind and deserves furniture just as distinctive. Since every piece of wood used is unique, every piece of furniture is original in its own way.